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Christian baptism is an important sacrament in the Christian religion which Lord Jesus instituted for churches. Prior to the ascension of Lord Jesus, He instructed the Churches to baptize the disciples in the name of the Lord. Through this practice, the disciples were commanded to obey the Lord and Father and follow His path.

Importance of Baptism

When the Church is offered this responsibility of baptizing, it implies that it is the Church which is to spread the message and the words of Christ. In fact, this is a practice which needs to be done till the world survives and Christianity exists on this earth.

Before the very foundation of the religion, Baptism started to be practiced. Even the Jews in the ancient times did baptize to signify their conversion to the new religion. It is said that through this practice

one attains a cleansed self and spirit. It purges one from sins and unites him with Christ. It was John the Baptist who used the practice in order to pave the way for the Lord. But,not everyone 

could be baptized since there were several who had to repent first. But then, the baptism practiced by John the Baptist, was different from what the Christians do. In fact, the latter has a deeper implication.

Baptism has to be done in the name of the Lord, the Christ, the Father. It is only through this kind of ordinance that an individual can be admitted into the Church fellowship. So, it is believed that when an individual is baptized, he is actually saved. In a way, the person is baptized by the very spirit of the Father and unites with His soul.


The Importance Of Christian Baptism

In fact, at the end, whether it is Jewish baptism or a Christian one, the purpose is the same and the way of baptizing is also similar. The practice is a kind of declaration made by the person publicly that he is united to Christianity and follows the teachings of the Lord. Jesus cleanses the soul and purges it from sin.For detailed information click on : .

Baptism And Significance

Christian baptism signifies the death of Christ, the burial and the resurrection. It also signifies the death of our sins. When the sinner confesses to the Lord about his sin, he is offered a brand new life. It is an outward demonstration

of changes in the inner self of the person.The holy practice suggests the identification of the believer with the death of Christ, His burial and resurrection. Anyone who practices Christianity and follows the teachings of Gospel will have to undergo it.